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Why The Hail Shop USA Only Uses OEM

OEM Buick Replacement Door Panel, Wikipedia

Before paintless dent repair, the likelihood of a vehicle being “totaled out”  as a result of a really bad hail storm was pretty good. The costs to repair a hail damaged vehicle with the traditional auto body repair methods were costly and time-consuming. Therefore, deeming a vehicle a “total loss” was less costly for an insurance company rather than attempting to repair it.

Today, more and more insurance adjusters are able to substantiate the cost to repair over cutting losses and selling to a salvage yard. This is because of the advent of the paintless dent repair method.

But like with any other major shift in an industry, some bad inevitably squeeze out with the good. One prime example of this in the dent repair industry is replacement panels.

Aftermarket Parts VS Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

OEM vs After Market Panels

If you are that car owner that only gets mechanical and body work done at a dealership, you can be confident that you’re getting OEM car parts. However, if you prefer taking your car to an independent repair shop, you are probably getting aftermarket car parts.

So, what is the difference between Aftermarket and OEM? Is one better than the other? Does less expensive mean less quality? Does OEM VS Aftermarket only matter with car part replacements or does the same go for replacement panels?

To answer these frequently asked questions, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you understand why The Hail Shop USA ONLY uses Original Equipment Manufacturer made replacement panels when paintless dent repair isn’t an option.

OEM Replacement Panel Pros

  • With Original Equipment Manufacturer panel replacement part, you really only have one choice. The OEM replacement panel was designed exactly for your make/model of the vehicle by the actual manufacturer. Think of OEM manufacturer panels are “brand name.”
  • With OEM panels, it will always come with at least a 1-year manufacturers warranty.
  • In most cases, OEM vehicle panels are a better quality than aftermarket panels.
  • By and large, OEM parts are usually better quality than those found on the aftermarket.

OEM Replacement Panel Cons

  • Because The Hail Shop USA only uses OEM replacement panels, you really only have one cost. When we are repairing badly hail damaged vehicles, some damage just can’t be repaired with paintless dent repair and we have to completely replace the panel. Fortunately, if you have a comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, hail damage is considered an “act of God,” and the cost to repair hail damage is covered.
  • OEM replacement panels are usually more expensive, about 50% or more.

After Market Replacement Panel Pros

  • Insurance companies love them. They are more affordable and run the gamut in price & quality variety.
  • Some After Market parts can be better quality. It depends on how much you want to spend.

After Market Replacement Panel Cons

  • You should spend some time researching the manufacturers of the panels. Aftermarket panel quality can be everything you had hoped for or an unpleasant surprise. We suggest you take the extra time to do your homework. Research reviews, warranties, and quality.
  • No warranty. Some After Market manufacturers will not offer a warranty or if they do, not a great one. This is not to say some AM manufacturers are amazing because some are. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What If My Insurance Won’t Cover OEM Panels?

Unless your vehicle is under 2 years old and with low mileage, they probably will not cover the extra cost for OEM replacement panels. This is where The Hail Shop USA differentiates ourselves over the other Paintless Dent Repair shops near you.

When The Hail Shop USA completes the hail damage repairs and delivers it to you hail-free and “like new” – we mean it. If we used After Market replacement panels, your vehicle is not back to “like-new.” Why? Because if we replace unrepairable panels with less superior or cheaper After Market panels, the value of your vehicle is decreased. Even if it looks “like new,” it is not.

If your insurance company doesn’t approve OEM panels, we will pay the difference and make sure you get OEM panes at no additional cost to you.