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Where Do I Get A Hail Damage Assessment?

Insurance Adjuster Estimates & PDR Company Inspections

When you are in the unfortunate situation of owning a vehicle that you think has hail damage, you are going to need a professional hail damage assessment.

Hail Damage Assessment: When an insurance adjuster or dent repair shop inspect your vehicle for dents & dings caused by hailstones. A standard hail estimate will take approximately  30-45 minutes. At this time, the estimator notates the severity and number of dents on all panels. Upon completion of the assessment, you will be given a digital or printed copy of the quote.

A hail damage assessment can be done by an insurance adjuster, an auto body shop or a paintless dent repair shop.

We oftentimes get asked if the vehicle owner should first get an assessment by an insurance adjuster or a McKinney paintless dent repair shop (or a shop near them.) It really doesn’t matter but you will ultimately have to file a hail damage claim before a PDR shop can start the repairs.

If you are having difficulting locating your insurance companies contact information for filing a claim you can find it here.

The Insurance Adjuster Hail Damage Inspection

When you call your insurance company to file a hail claim, you will be assigned an insurance adjuster that will handle the claim. Adjusters are unique to cities and state – hired by your insurance company. Some are independent and others work for the insurance company.

Typically, the adjuster will contact you within 24 hours to a week. They will set up a time to come to your location for the inspection.

If the storm that damaged your vehicle was of a catastrophic level, you might be directed to a parking lot for a “drive through” inspection.

PDR Company Hail Damage Inspection

After you have your vehicle inspected by the insurance adjuster, you will be instructed to find a local paintless dent repair shop to do the repairs.

Attention: If you are instructed to use a PDR shop on a preferred vendor list, this is called “insurance steering.” Insurance steering is illegal for many reasons. Learn more here.

Next, the paintless dent repair shop will ask you to bring in your vehicle for an inspection or they will send a PDR specialist to your home or office. If the damage is severe, it is better to bring your vehicle to the shop.

Paintless dent repair shops have special lighting that they use to see the hail dents that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

This is the number one reason you should ALWAYS get an assessment from a professional paintless dent repair shop. A professional will almost always find 25-40% additional damage that wasn’t accounted for by the insurance adjuster.

The Hail Shop USA is a reputable paintless dent repair shop located in McKinney, TX that specializes in auto hail repair. If you live in or around the McKinney area, you can schedule a professional, accurate, and free hail damage assessment here.

FREE Hail Claims Guide

If you need help with the hail claims process, we have developed a step-by-step instructional form that will guide you through the ENTIRE process of filing a hail claim with your insurance company, finding a paintless dent repair shop near you, and much more.

The Hail Shop USA makes it easy to get your vehicle dent-free and keep YOU as stress-free as possible!

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