How Much Does McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Cost

Cost of McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Can Vary

If you live in McKinney and your vehicle has hail damage from the latest series of damaging hail storms, you probably have many questions about auto hail damage and the paintless dent repair process.The most frequently asked question we get is, “How much does paintless dent repair cost?”

The most frequently asked question we get is, “How much does paintless dent repair cost?”

Paint Damage vs No Paint Damage

How Does Paint Damge Effect  Dent Repair Cost?

McKinney Paintless Dent Repair cost depends on many factors, variables, and the severity of the auto hail damage. The cost mostly depends upon whether the paint is still intact. If the paint has been scraped, scraped, or chipped, paintless dent repair is still an option but the original factory paint warranty will no longer be valid.  The paint damage can be buffed-out at an auto body shop and be repainted for anywhere between $300- $1000 depending on whether or not the fender needs to be replaced.

If your vehicle has no visible paint damage, paintless dent repair is your best option. McKinney Paintless Dent Repair is faster, more affordable, and 100% guaranteed. At The Hail Shop of McKinney, TX, the cost for auto hail repair is roughly $75-150 per dent, depending on the size of the hail damage.

The best way to find out how much dent damage you may have, schedule an appointment for an inspection.  You may have more dents than you and your insurance adjuster are seeing. Once the car is looked at under special lights there may be additional dent damage which would need to be submitted to your adjuster in order to cover the damage.

McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Cost With The Hail Shop

In conclusion, the price for paintless dent repair can vary depending on your location, the size of the dents and how many of the dents are in each panel.

Most all auto insurance providers will require a $500 – $1000 deductible before a McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Shop can start working on your vehicle. At The Hail Shop of McKinney, we cover that cost for you – leaving you with a balance of $0.

If you are hesitant about paintless dent repair because you have never heard of it or have questions about the paintless dent repair process, we encourage you to call us and speak to Jake Webb – the owner of The Hail Shop.