Questions about paintless dent repair or auto hail repair?
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The FAQ About Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Hail Repair

Should I wait until the end of hail season to get my vehicle repaired?2017-03-07T14:29:14+00:00

Waiting until the end of hail season may cause further damage to your vehicle, which may not be repairable. Your insurance may also require you to pay a double deductible, should your vehicle get hit again.

In addition to hail damage, I have vehicle parts that are damaged. Are they covered?2017-03-07T14:28:33+00:00

Yes! In addition to hail damage, you may have experienced damaged parts on your vehicle. We replace those parts with factory OEM parts.

I have my insurance claim. Now what?2017-03-07T14:27:35+00:00

You’re one step ahead of the process! Contact one of our trusted hail specialists to schedule your repairs and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

What if my vehicle was hit with more than one hailstorm?2017-03-07T14:27:05+00:00

Multiple hailstorms can and will happen, which can amplify confusion. Contact one of our experienced hail specialists and we will guide you through our fast and simple process.

My vehicle was just hit with hail. Now what?2017-03-07T14:26:34+00:00

Contact one of our friendly hail specialist and we will walk you through the process. Hail damage can be very confusing and troublesome and we are here to help you through the process, from A to Z!

What if my personal schedule is unconventional?2017-03-07T14:26:01+00:00

Our experienced hail specialists work with YOUR timeline to schedule inspections and repairs. Customer service is our highest priority and is never compromised.

Will my insurance be affected? Will my rates raise?2017-03-07T14:25:24+00:00

No. Hail damage is recorded as a comprehensive claim and is at no fault to you. Comprehensive claims and ‘random acts of God’ do not affect your policy. Insurance premiums already take into account hail-prone areas and are not computed on a ‘per-insured’ basis. Much the same that homeowners’ policies in Florida already consider the risk of hurricane damage, so does your insurance policy in regards to hail damage.

How long does the auto hail repair process take?2017-03-07T14:24:27+00:00

The process takes 2-5 business days from start to finish. This includes time to coordinate with your insurance to complete repairs. We handle everything from scheduling your rental car to delivering your repaired vehicle.