JoJo Shelby Bradburn – Carrollton, TX

I am not one to go find a FB page and leave a review… But this is a whole different situation. Never had an insurance or auto-related repair, go as smoothly as it did with Eric. He guided me through the process and really made it a breeze for me. He handled everything from calling my insurer, to handling the damage estimate for me. The guy works wonders. Took me to the rental car. Set it up for me, and even returned it for me. The last big surprise was when I arrived to pick up my truck. My lifestyle and occupation involve getting dirty, a lot. My truck was shining brighter than a diamond in a goats ass! I mean that thing looked better than it did when I rolled it off the lot for the first time!!! Eric is the man. Thanks for everything sir. I know the only person I’ll be referring and going to! Thank you, y’all were awesome.