Tony Adams

Above and beyond in every aspect of the experience, Toby and Auto Hail Repair Plano went above and beyond. I was very lucky to have chosen this top notch organization as I can’t imagine having to deal with horror stories which I have heard over the last 4 months from friends and coworkers about their experience with other repair facilities. Having moved here from a hail free state, I was extremely uneasy with no one to turn too except the dealership where I usually get nearly all things related remedied. After realizing the dealership was going to replace nearly every surface of my vehicle I began entertaining other means despite the warranty as I had a hood that they repainted due to an accident which every rock which hit my truck chipped the paint. It was through luck Toby and I crossed paths exchanged info. After stopping by the shop and seeing some finished vehicles as well as additional before and after photos I decided to give them a shot. Best decision I could have made. I’ll admit at first it seemed a little to easy and Toby was always easy to reach therefore I just kept waiting for the catch or to be disappointed, however; there wasn’t one. I received my vehicle on time within a week and it looks amazing. All I can say is thank you guys for truly simplifying this stressful situation, I feel the proverbial weight lifted and happy to move on knowing I now have my GO TO GUY here. If you don’t have one I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with them. THANKS AGAIN GUYS AND SEE YOU NEXT TIME AS I HEAR ITS EXPECTED ANNUALLY HERE.