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We are an auto hail repair shop in McKinney, TX that combines state of the art paintless dent repair technology with the EXPERIENCE and PASSION to restore your hail damaged vehicle to pre-damage condition.


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Hail Damage Repair Done Right

  • 15+ Years Experience.
  • Customer Service First.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Written Lifetime Warranty.
  • Deductible Forgiveness.
  • Free Inspections
  • Valet Service


Auto Hail Repair Headquarters

With over 15 years of paintless dent repair experience and leading the nation in auto hail repair, our friendly staff and technicians put your needs as our highest priority. We know how valuable your time is and choosing the right company is a big decision. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The Hail Shop USA is also an “Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Only” PDR shop. If you have a hail damaged panel that does not qualify for PDR, we only use OEM replacement panels.

We provide dent repair services for:

  • All vehicle makes/models
  • Auto hail damage
  • Parking lot dents & dings
  • Auto body shops
  • Dealerships

The Hail Shops USA works with ALL insurance companies and will also work with you to make sure the entire auto hail repair process is as stress-free and easy as possible. When your car is damaged in a hail storm, parking lot, or minor collision and you require only the best paintless dent removal company to completely restore your vehicle to its pre-damaged state, The Hail Shop USA will help you throughout the entire process. To schedule your free inspection online, call us at 800-485-9026 or choose the date and time that is best for you by filling out our online form.

You will rest peacefully knowing that your vehicle is in the best hands with The Hail Shop USA. We back up all of our repairs with a written lifetime warranty.

Contact The Hail Shop

Auto Hail Repair – McKinney

180 Industrial Blvd Suite L, McKinney, TX

Phone: (972) 729-9782


The Hail Shop USA

Auto Hail Repair – McKinney, TX

180 Industrial Blvd Suite L, McKinney, TX

Phone: (972) 729-9782




The Hail Shop did a fantastic job on my car. Lisa Cole is the best and did everything she said she would do, from working with my insurance company, arranging a rental car, to delivering my car to my home. The work was perfect, my car looks brand new! I give them 5 stars and highly recommend them for hail damage repair (I sent my son to them also.)

John Padzik, I could not be happier....

I could not be more happy with the hail damage repair on my car! Lisa Cole and the Hail Shop made me feel like I was the only customer they were working with when they had so many from the last hail storm here in Golden Colorado and surrounding areas. I had no out of pocket they waived my deductible and took care of my car rental. I highly recommended The Hail Shop. Excellent Workmanship and Team.

Danny & Linda Trevetts, Excellent Workmanship and Team


McKinney Auto Hail Repair Customer Reviews

Brian and Kimberly were very professional when fixing my truck. They kept me informed about the progress and most importantly, they were very flexible and made my experience very pleasant. I highly recommend the Hail Shop McKinney TX for the hail repair of your vehicle.

Sergio Guerrero,
McKinney, TX

LOVE THEM! My truck looks so fresh and so clean. Highly recommend. You feel comfortable from the moment you meet them. I hope to never have hail damage again, but if I do, The Hail shop will have my business!

Billy Rogers,
McKinney, TX

Exceptional service and quality of work. Lisa made the whole process seamless from start to finish. They even picked up and delivered my vehicles for free! They covered my deductible as well, taking the financial and logistical headaches out of the repair process.

Dakota Lynch,
McKinney, TX

Wow, Fantastic Job!!!! Heath made the process of everything go so smoothly and my SUV came out looking brand new as if there were never any hail!! Very pleased and highly recommend The Hail Shop to fix your car too!! Definitely coming here again thank you very much!

Stephanie Castaneda,
McKinney, TX

Fantastic service from start to finish. Eric, Heath, and Jake were all very helpful during the process and the communication was excellent. I would gladly recommend The Hail Shop to anyone who needs a repair. Business was honest and friendly and my car looked great after.

Aaron Burg,
McKinney, TX

Read the reviews here so decided to take my car to get hail damage repaired @ $8000. I was told it would take 7-10 days. It ended up taking 35 days. I had to pay $180 for additional rental. I talked to Jake and he quickly cut me a check and FedEx’d it. Thanks!

B P.McKinney, TX

Great service and responsiveness. They picked up our vehicle and returned it when the repairs were completed. The work they did was perfect and they even washed and detailed our van, inside and out. They handled everything, even insurance. A++++

David S.
Frisco, TX

They did a fantastic job. At first when I saw the flyer, I was shook. Pay no deductible and free loaner car, that’s a double plus. I would for them to get a A+ for the business,especially for one year in service. I want to point out, Toby **** for his superb customer service.

BBB Verified Reviewer

Great service and they kept me up to date with progress. My truck was returned clean and looking like new again. All paperwork was handled by them in a professional manner and they provided a lifetime warranty for the work they completed. Great folks to work with and I highly recommend. A special thanks to Toby for personally keeping me informed throughout the process.

Chris C.,
McKinney, TX

The Hail Shop USA wants to hear about your experience.
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Northern TX Auto Hail Repair


Using our specialty paintless dent repair tools, we can undo all hail damage done to your vehicle, returning it to its pre-damaged condition. We work with all insurance companies and assign each customer a dedicated customer service representative that will help work with you throughout the entire auto hail repair process. If you are looking for professional hail damage repair in McKinney, TX – you’ve come to the right place. With over 15 years of experience in the dent repair industry, we have the knowledge, the tools, and high standards that we hope will bring you back to us every time you are in need of auto dent repair.

Learn more about our auto hail repair services or schedule your appointment for a FREE inspection here.

How Does It Work?

Auto hail repair is the process of removing the dent damage caused when hailstones strike the surface of a vehicle. The Hail Shop USA uses the paintless dent repair (PDR)  method for auto hail repair. Before PDR, the traditional auto body repair method was used for hail damage repair. Holes would be drilled to help pull the dents from the panels, fillers would be used to repair the holes, and then the panels would have to be repainted. In cases of severe hail damage, panels would be completely replaced or the vehicle would be deemed totaled. Today, paintless dent repair shops like The Hail Shop USA, have completely changed the industry. PDR technicians can now get in behind the dent and gently push the metal back to its pre-damaged state, never to return. Guaranteed!

All auto hail repair procedures come complete with a lifetime warranty.

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Learn More About The Hail Shop USA

Welcome to The Hail Shop USA. We are a Paintless Dent Repair shop that specializes in auto hail repair. The Hail Shop USA has locations around the United States but is headquartered in McKinney, TX.

Paintless Dent Repair is an alternative method to the traditional auto body shop approach for removing dents & dings from the surface panels of most makes and models of vehicles. PDR, or Paintless Dent Removal, is not a replacement for the traditional auto body shop repair but simply a more efficient way of repairing the less severe dents & dings that are caused by hail, door dings, shopping cart collisions, and minor automobile collisions. Apart from a few, minor caveats, this dent repair method can only be utilized when there is no damage to the vehicles factory paint finish. This is what makes Paintless Dent Repair “paintless.” For dent & ding damage that has damaged the paint in any way, such as metal creasing, paint chipping, cracking, or peeling – the traditional auto body repair method is preferred.

The Hail Shop USA works with local auto body shops when the vehicle’s damage exceeds the Paintless Dent Repair requirements for effective repair.

Paintless Dent Repair is performed by a highly trained and skilled technician that has either apprenticed under a master PDR technician or has learned their craft at a PDR school. To become a master PDR technician, many hours of hands-on practical application is mandatory. The Hail Shop USA only hires PDR technicians that perform at this skill level.

In addition to repairing dent damage, The Hail Shop USA offers assistance with auto hail damage insurance claims and inspections. After an auto hail damage occurrence, the first step is to file a claim with your insurance company. Almost all insurance providers offer an easy call-in solution for filing your claim or online options. If you aren’t sure where to find this information, The Hail Shop USA has amassed a comprehensive list of major insurance company claim hotline numbers and online filing options. Vist here for this information.  After you file a claim, you will be assigned an insurance adjuster that will inspect your hail damage. You will be provided an official “estimate” to take to the Paintless Dent Repair shop of your choice. The next step is to contact The Hail Shop USA for a free damage inspection. After we complete the inspection, we compare our numbers with your insurance agents numbers and make sure they haven’t missed any damage.

In most cases, we will find additional damage. This is because we have special lighting equipment that was designed specifically for finding auto hail damage of all shapes, sizes, and depths. The Hail Shop USA makes sure you get all of the money you will need to repair your hail damage 100%. We will contact the insurance company and request a supplement.