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Auto Hail Repair = 100% Restoration

THE HAIL SHOP Team Loves A Good Hail Storm

Why? The obvious reason being we get to remove dents, but the most rewarding reason is that we get to see our customers reaction after we completely restore their vehicle back to its pre-damaged state. You might think we simply get used to. This is not true. Seeing a vehicle owner light up in amazement as a result of our auto hail repairs never gets old.

Hearing our clients say, “I can’t believe it, I can’t even tell it ever had any hail damage!”

We love repairing hail damage, you will love our auto hail repair results. Guaranteed.

How is Auto Hail Damage Removed?

The Auto Hail Repair Process

For auto hail repair, we use the paintless dent repair method. With the use of specialized tools, we can get behind your vehicles panels to push away the dents. Auto hail repair often requires the use of a dent removal tool that uses a gentle adhesive tab to pull the dent from the panels topside.  By using a combination of these auto hail removal techniques, our master paintless dent repair technician team is able to restore the vehicle to its pre-damaged state.

  • FILE A CLAIM.  Contact your insurance company to file a claim. You will get a claim number.

  • AUTO HAIL DAMAGE INSPECTION. An insurance adjuster will inspect the vehicle and give you a claim report.

  • SCHEDULE AUTO HAIL REPAIRS. Give us a call at (800)485-9026to schedule repairs. Need a rental car? We will set up a rental for you with our free rental car program! It’s that easy.
  • FINAL INSPECTION. A final inspection done by your insurance adjuster to determine the final value is done at our shop. We take out all the guesswork in estimation by marking every dent on your car for the adjuster to count.

  • REPAIRS. A repair and install team will remove interior panels to prep for paintless dent repair. Once the car is ready a PDR technician will use specialized process and tools to gently massage the dents out from the inside panels of the car. After all panels have been fixed the repair and install team will re-assemble the panels. At this point quality control will inspect and wash the vehicle.

  • DELIVERY. After 3 to 5 business days, your vehicle will be returned in pre-damaged condition with a written lifetime warranty.


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