Can you claim hail damage twice?

Old & New Hail Damage

It hailed again before I could get existing damage repaired. I was paid for repairs for the first damage, how will my insurance company know how much to pay for the second round of damage?

A vehicle with a lien

Instance 1: If there is a lien on the vehicle, getting the hail damage repaired is mandatory. Therefore, if a hail claim has already been made on previous damage and the money wasn’t used to repair the vehicle, you will not get paid on the previous claim. You also run the risk of being dropped by your insurance company or even worse, pinned with insurance fraud.

Instance 2: You had filed a claim for the first storm, waited to get your hail damage repaired, and it hailed again on the same vehicle. This isn’t that big of a deal. Actually, it happens all of the time. This is how it works. An insurance adjuster will come out and assess the damage again. ALL of the damage. Next, they will subtract the amount from the first storm from the total. This is the amount you the check will be written for.  The only problem you might run into is paying the 2nd deductible. Good news? The Hail Shop USA will cover the cost of both deductibles.

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A vehicle owned outright

If you own the vehicle outright, what you do with the check is totally up to you. You can get the hail damage repaired or not. The check will be written to you only.

The same process applies as stated above. The entire vehicle will be inspected again and the pay-out from the first hail claim will be subtracted from the total.

If the vehicle is still new or in other words, if you intend on selling the vehicle sometime in the future, we do suggest looking into getting the vehicle repaired. Hail damage will greatly depreciate the value of the vehicle.

No Claims Made 1st or 2nd Hail Storm Damage

If you live in Colorado or Texas, this is not uncommon. There won’t be an issue when it comes to getting paid to get the hail damage repaired.  The only problem you might face is having to file a claim for the first storm and then again for the second storm. BUT this is only if the insurance adjuster SUSPECTS there was previous damage. You might run into this issue if all of the rest of the vehicles in your immediate area don’t share the same amount of damage.