Is Comprehensive Coverage the same as Collision Coverage?

What is the difference between a Comprehensive Insurance & Collision Insurance Policy? In this article, we will explain the difference between comprehensive & collision coverage on your vehicle. What does Comprehensive Insurance Policy cover? A comprehensive insurance coverage plan on your vehicle covers damage that is not from a collision, wreck, or car accident. If […]

How is Artificial Intelligence Supported Hail Claims Taking Over the Insurance Industry?

CCC Quick Estimate Mobile Photo Estimating Solutions COVID-19 is changing the way the insurance industry is processing auto hail damage claims. Although the technology has been in existence since 2018, the use of the CCC Quick Estimate, an artificial intelligence supported claims processing tool, has expanded at an exponential pace as a direct response to […]

I have pre-existing auto hail damage, should I wait until the next storm to file a claim?

Waiting Out The Storm A time and money saver or a not so good idea? If my car has hail damage from an earlier hail storm, can I want to wait and see if it hails again before I file a hail damage claim with my insurance company? It would seem like a logical thing […]