How is Artificial Intelligence Supported Hail Claims Taking Over the Insurance Industry?

CCC Quick Estimate Mobile Photo Estimating Solutions

COVID-19 is changing the way the insurance industry is processing auto hail damage claims. Although the technology has been in existence since 2018, the use of the CCC Quick Estimate, an artificial intelligence supported claims processing tool, has expanded at an exponential pace as a direct response to COVID-19.

Social distancing and work-from-home protocols have been the driving force behind the digital revolution in auto hail claims, led by smart phone photo estimating.

What is CCC Mobile Quick Estimate Tool & How Does it Work?

What is the CCC Mobile Quick Estimate Tool?

From CCC Information Services:

CCC Mobile TM Solutions – Quick Estimate app will help expedite your claim by allowing you to upload images for your recent claim and receive an estimate. The app will guide you through steps needed to capture the pictures of your vehicle’s damage and submit it for review. You can achieve all of this without having to drive to a repair facility or leaving the comfort of your home.

Apple CCC Moible Quick Estimate APP Download | Android CCC Moible Quick Estimate APP Download

How does the CCC Mobile Quick Estimate Tool work?

Note: You will need to utilize your smart phone camera.

  1. Upon filing an auto hail claim with your insurance company, you will receive a text message or email with a direct link to auto populate your claim information into the app. Find filing options for your insurance company here.
  2. The app will then walk you through the quick estimate process while utilizing your smart phone camera. For example, the first screen starts with your driver side front door. A graphic of the driver side front door will accompany the directive, “Fit your vehicle into the outline as shown in the example. Make sure the entire vehicle is visible in the photo. Then capture the photo.”
  3. After you have completed the photo documentation process, will have the opportunity to review your photos before you submit them to the insurance company. You will have an opportunity to take more pictures and also video of the damage to your vehicle.

What are the Pros & Cons of the CCC Mobile Quick Estimate Tool for Estimating Auto Hail Damage?

The pros and cons provided in this section come directly from the reviews section of the actual APP. Some of the reviews come from customers and others from actual repair facilities.


To use the app is quite easy.

The VIN auto-scanning is a nice feature.

The fact that I could given a written description of any damages was a nice option.

Quick & easy.
It takes about three to four minutes to complete the whole process. Then press submit and you’re all done!

Note: Most professional auto hail damage estimates take a minimum of 15 minutes to accurately estimate.


Not much instruction on how to use the app.
A brief paragraph before beginning would have been handy to be sure I had plenty of clearance and light for pictures.

Does the APP effectively replace the  “in-person” insurance adjuster estimate? 
Many customers worry that the pictures, even if they provide very good quality photos, will lead to an under estimation of the cost of damage to their car. Shaky and blurry photo submissions are a common issue and tend to slow down the hail claims process.

Isn’t having an actual insurance adjuster come do the estimate what I pay my insurance for?
In short, yes.

30 seconds is not enough time to verbally report damage.
Customers are given the opportunity to “verbally express” any additional information or issues concerning their claim.

Problems with under-estimations & partial reimbursements.
Review from repair shop. Most “mobile quick estimates” don’t cover half of what  should have actually been reimbursed. This isn’t a problem for a paintless dent repair facility because the shop can supplement the missed damage but if you are looking to “cash out,” then you are probably due more money.
Review from customer.  I like the fact that you get all the pictures and then are able to take video and additional pictures if needed. However, I would not…repeat, NOT rely on this for a final payment. The fact that you can’t get a true feel for the exact damage due to lighting or atmospheric conditions it may leave possible questions still unanswered and could effect the proper reimbursement.

A Faster, More Accurate Approach to Estimating Auto Hail Claims

Most every paintless dent repair shop or auto body shop offer free hail damage inspections. With the use of industry specific LED lighting and  the professionally trained eye of a PDR technician will make the process easier, faster, and most importantly, 100% accurate.

Call the dent repair experts at The Hail Shop today to schedule your FREE hail damage inspection. We can come to you or you can bring your vehicle to one of our shops near you. We offer a minimal contact experience and take your and our health very seriously. Read our COVID-19 response statement here.