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  • Hail Falling

How hard does hail have to hit a car to cause damage?


Scientifically Speaking The Physics of Hail Our elementary school science teacher taught us that all objects fall at the same speed. When it comes to hail, the same theory holds true. It isn't the speed at which hail falls, it is the size of the hail that is hitting your vehicle. A hailstone the [...]

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  • McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Predictions

McKinney Paintless Dent Repair 2018 Weather Predictions


McKinney Hail Storm Predictions for 2018 Texas Hail Storm - 2017 As a McKinney paintless dent repair shop, we like to keep our eyes on the sky. Predicting weather trends can be tricky but based on the number of hailstorms North Texas has seen in the last few years, we feel confident [...]

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  • Auto Hail Repair McKinney Inspections

Hail Repair Deals


We Remove Hail Damage Permanently Auto Hail Repair Specialists in McKinney, TX Auto Hail Repair in McKinney, TX Now is the time to get your hail damage repaired. It is a new year and the perfect time to get your vehicle restored back to its original condition. The early spring McKinney hail [...]

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The Art of Auto Hail Repair


The Dent Artisan  vs The Auto Body Repair Technician If you own a vehicle, there is a good chance you've visited an auto body shop. If you live in tornado or hail alley, you have probably been to a paintless dent repair shop. You might think both of these places are one in the [...]

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Can Hail Scratch Car Paint?


Can Hailstones Cause Paint Damage? In this article, we will talk about is your vehicle’s paint job can be damaged by hail and what to do if your hail damage repair claim has been denied by your insurance company due to paint damage. It is a terrible feeling when you watch as your vehicle gets [...]

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  • PDR Overpulling

DIY Dent Repair Gone Wrong


DIY Auto Dent Repair What could possibly go wrong? Everyone loves a good DIY project. Websites like Instructables, Pinterest, and YouTube has taken DIY  to a whole new level. From building a cabinet to staining your garage floors, it seems like there really isn't much you can't do! Or is there? There are really [...]

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McKinney Auto Hail Damage Repair Deals


Hail Damage Repair Shop in McKinney, TX Do you have hail damage that still needs to be repaired and you live in McKinney, TX? The Hail Shop is your local paintless dent repair shop that specializes in auto hail repair and customer service. The entire Hail Shop family is dedicated to making sure you [...]

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  • McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Shop

McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Deals


Get Dents & Dings Repaired Today Take advantage of the following money savings deals on McKinney Paintless Dent Repair. The Hail Shop USA makes getting your dents & dings repaired fast, affordable, and stress-free. We take care of you from the minute you schedule an appointment until we deliver your vehicle completely dent-free. All [...]

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McKinney Dent & Ding Damage Repair


Dents & Dings Happen. The Hail Shop of McKinney removes them. McKinney Dent & Ding Repair Technicians If you live in McKinney, Texas - the likelihood of your vehicle having or having had auto dent damage is very high. You might even have auto hail damage from one of the many storms that [...]

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