San Antonio Hail Storms Introduces New Approach to Estimating

Insurance Companies are Integrating the Power of Cell Phone Multimedia Driven Apps into the Claims Process

Recent Hailstorms Cause Damage to Vehicles & Homes in San Antonio.

A massive hail storm that effected nearly 40,000 residents in the counties of Atascosa & Wilson in Texas are still reeling from the catastrophic damage left behind by this enormous storm cell. Winds nearing 70 mph, dangerous lightning, and baseball sized hail left behind piles of hail a foot tall, broken windows, damaged roofs, and vehicles covered with hail damage.

The hailstorm that swept through the San Antonio area and elsewhere in Texas has been declared a “claims catastrophe” by insurers. The good news for auto insurance policy holders is that a “claims catastrophe” accelerates payment on storm-related damage claims.

Insurance companies are harnessing the power of technology in attempt to facilitate & speed up the hail claims process. Cell phone cameras & video recording have become an integral part of the claims process.

This advancement is both a blessing and a curse. Policy holders are being asked to take pictures of the dent damage on their vehicles and then send the images to claims adjusters for estimates. Claims adjusters then use these images to write their estimates. Checks are mailed to the policy holders and appointments are scheduled with Paintless Dent Repair shops for repairs.

The problem with this expedited process is that estimates are being underwritten by the insurance companies and San Antonio auto hail repair companies are in-turn submitting supplement requests to cover the cost of the missed damage not documented in the customer photographs and videos.

Oftentimes, this process is delaying the actual repair by an average of 2 weeks. 

If you are OK with this 2 week waiting period, this new approach to hail damage estimates could be for you. If not, The Hail Shop USA can help expedite the estimating and auto hail repair San Antonio process. Instead of 2 weeks, vehicle owners can get their vehicles repaired and back on the road in 2-3 days.

Call us today at 726-999-0108 to schedule a time for a free estimate. You can also schedule online. With our contactless inspection process, vehicle owners can be as involved in the process as much as they choose. You can either bring your car to the shop for an estimate or we can send one of our estimators to your location. The inspection process typically only takes about 15-20 minutes.

We will hand you your estimate on-the-spot and guarantee its accuracy 100%.If you have any questions, we can fix your vehicle and work directly with your insurance company regarding the claim.

All repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty.