Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to get your hail damage repaired.

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Auto Hail Damage Repairs in the time of COVID-19

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You are not alone if you are wondering if RIGHT NOW is actually the best time for anything. You are probably working from home, making endless meals for your family or yourself, coming up with creative ways to spend your free time, and wondering WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?

There are some things you can do that have most likely been placed on the back burner of priority and life for quite some time. Getting your hail damage repaired is probably one of those tasks. In this blog, we will go over how to get those unsightly dents removed during this time of uncertainty and hopefully answer some of your questions about the paintless dent repair process.

To begin, getting your hail damage repaired does not require you to be face-to-face with anyone at anytime unless you so choose. You can read more about The Hail Shop USA’s COVID-19 protocol here.

  1. File auto hail damage claim. The first step is to get ahold of your insurance company to file a claim. If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, auto hail repair is covered 100%. A deductible will be the only cost your insurance company will require you to take care of before any repairs begin. At The Hail Shop USA, we do not require you to pay this deductible. Some insurance companies offer an online filing option on either their website or APP. We have compiled a list of the bigger insurance companies along with their claims phone numbers and links to their online filing page if they have one. You can find that list here. You also might want to check out our complete auto hail damage claims guide here.
  2. Schedule an inspection with insurance adjuster. You will be assigned a local claims adjuster that will be responsible for following up with you about your vehicle. They will schedule a time to inspect and estimate the cost to repair the hail damage on your vehicle. The biggest COVID-19 change you will see when it comes to insurance claim inspections is their contact-free estimating approach. San Antonio has adopted this approach and you can read more about  the pros & cons of this NEW auto hail damage estimating approach here.The following quote comes from the KSAT online news publication,

    Many of those were filed online or through the company’s app, which the San Antonio-based company encourages because it is more efficient. Adjusters will be sent to see properties as needed, but there’s a good chance the policyholder won’t need to see the adjuster.

    “We have, actually, through this COVID(-19) crisis, gone to a lot of virtual estimating,” said Jim Syring, president of USAA Property and Casualty Group. “We can do it all online through photos and digitally.”

  3. Call The Hail Shop USA. To find a location near you, visit here. When you call The Hail Shop USA, we walk you through the entire auto hail repair process.  We start with an inspection to make sure not damage was overlooked in the initial inspection done by the adjuster. If we DO see additional damage that was not accounted, we make sure you get the additional funding needed to cover the cost of the entire repair. The Hail Shop USA is a paintless dent repair facility and all repairs come complete with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

With paintless dent removal plus a properly trained and experienced PDR technician makes all the difference between your vehicle being repaired correctly or not. The Hail Shop USA has been repairing hail damaged cars for over 25 years. Don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone! Call The Hail Shop USA at 866-943-2141 to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation “contact-free” inspection!