10 Million Dollars in Austin Auto Hail Claims Makes 2021 Catastrophic Says Insurance Companies

A Seriously Bad Hail Day

March 25th in Austin, TX

Why is March 25th such a significant date for Austin, TX? Oddly enough, Austin has been hit on 4 different occasions by catastrophic hail storms on that exact date over the last 25 years. Weird, right?

It almost seems like March 25 should somehow be recognized, or at least circled on the calendar, as a weather phenomenon day in south Texas. I here now do solemnly declare March 25th as the official “Do NOT remove your vehicle from the garage, no matter what” day.

Here’s a breakdown of the four March 25th’s in question:

March 25, 1993: 2-inch diameter hail (egg-sized) in north and west Austin caused $125 million in damage
March 25, 2005: 1-2-inch diameter hail (quarter- to egg-sized) across much of the city caused $100 million in damage
March 25, 2009: 1.75-inch diameter hail (golf ball-sized) during the evening rush hour caused Austin’s costliest hail storm in history at $160 million in damage.
March 25, 2021: Nickel sized to golfball-sized hail plus 65 mph updraft wind speeds hit south, central and northeast Austin like a sledge hammer causing millions of dollars in roof and automobile hail damage claims.

What to if your vehicle was damaged in the March 25 Austin hail storm?

By now, you probably know if your vehicle has hail damage and if you haven’t yet filed a claim with your insurance company, now is the time.

If you have never made an hail damage claim, don’t be intimidated – it’s not difficult. First, find your auto insurance card and locate the claims phone number. If you can’t find your card, visit here for filing options for all insurance companies. Second, take a few minutes to capture some photos of the damage with your cell phone. Make sure to photograph every panel, including the roof. Finally, schedule your free hail damage inspection appointment with The Hail Shop by calling 866-943-2141 or you can also schedule online by filling out our online form.

After the inspection, we can make an appointment to get your vehicle repaired. Most repairs take between 2-3 days depending on the severity of the damage.  If your insurance policy doesn’t cover a car rental while your vehicle is being repaired, we will put you in one of ours at no cost to you.