How much car insurance do I need?

Upgrade your auto insurance or live with a downgraded vehicle.

Mother Nature is off to the races. The Kentucky Derby has nothing on this 2020 hail season. Hail Alley is certainly living up to its title already in late March. Typically, hail storms of this magnitude don’t usually strike until mid-April. Not this year.

Vehicle owners are suffering the side effects of baseball-sized hail and are now left wondering what to do next.

If you have already started the hail claims process, you probably already know what level of insurance coverage you have on your vehicle. You will have been given one of two answers.

Hail Damage Repair is NOT Covered

This is called liability insurance. In other words, YOU are liable for the damages left behind after the most recent hail storm.


If this is you, don’t feel too bad. You aren’t alone. In an article from Oklahoma’s News Four, one car owner laments his decision to carry only liability on his vehicle.

Chris West, 5-year Oklahoma resident said,

“We should’ve done the comprehensive insurance, but you live and you learn.  Welcome to Oklahoma.”

Your best option for auto hail repairs is to contact The Hail Shop USA for a complimentary inspection. Paintless Dent Repair is the most affordable “out-of-pocket” option for hail damage repairs. We can walk you through your options.

Hail Damage Repair IS Covered

This means that you chose to go with the Comprehensive Insurance policy. Comprehensive is one step above full coverage. If you have a lien on your vehicle, there is a very good chance you have it. Insurance companies in Hail Alley will oftentimes require you to carry Comprehensive coverage due to the frequency of hail storms in its path.

The first step is to file a hail damage claim. You will be asked to provide the date of occurrence, policy number, make/model/year, and a good time for an inspection with a local adjuster.

After your vehicle is inspected by the adjuster, set a time to get a second inspection from The Hail Shop USA.  The number one reason you should ALWAYS get a second opinion from a reputable paintless dent repair shop is that insurance adjusters will miss, on average, about 30% of the actual damage.

The Hail Shop USA can work directly with your insurance company and file any supplements to ensure your damage is 100% accounted and paid for.