Is hail damage fixable?

Mini Car in Hail Storm

Can you get hail damage out of a car?

Just like auto dents & dings vary in severity, amount, depth, and size – so do dent repair shops. As strange as this may sound, it is very true. Short answer is yes, hail damage is fixable. The important question is, “Where should I get it fixed?”.

At The Hail Shop USA, we like to explain things in a way our customers understand. We leave the paintless dent repair lingo in the shop. With that said, if you know more about PDR than the average vehicle owner – this article might not be for you. To learn more about hail damage is repaired in a paintless dent repair shop, read on.

We all have to start somewhere.

Before anyone becomes really good at something, there is always a beginning – the learning curve. Some paintless dent repair technicians start as apprentices at existing shops. Others have a relative or friend that have turned them onto the technique. Many go to a specialty PDR school. Either way,we all have to start somewhere.

Outside of learning, some people are just born with the natural ability to repair dents really good. In other words, they don’t just use PDR tools and learning to repair dents – they have a natural talent. Their arms and hands are simply extensions of the specialty tools designed specifically for auto dent & ding removal.

Learn more about the Paintless Dent Repair technique here.

Paintless dent repair considered more of an “art form.”

Might sound a little “over the top” but it is most certainly true. The PDR technicians with that natural ability are the ones we really want working in our shops.

Especially when it comes to repairing hail dents. A severe hail storm can literally cover a car from fender to fender with hundreds of dents. Some hail dents will even overlap other hail dents. With this much damage, dent & ding repair becomes more like sculpture. The technician must restore a vehicle damaged metal panels back to their original condition. There is no room for mistakes.

This is where experience, natural ability, and passion combine to make an expert auto hail repair technician. These are the technicians you want repairing your hail damaged vehicle.

Once a PDR technician has repaired auto hail damage, it’s hard to go back.

PDR technicians fresh out of school or green apprentices should never be repairing severe auto hail damage. They should be observing, counting dents for inspections before the repairs are made, and picking up as much as they can during a catastrophic hail event.

BUT once a beginner becomes more experienced and repairs their first hail car – ask any of them – it’s really hard to go back.

They want that challenge and chance to really hone in on their skill. Minor door dings are always part of the job description but pale in comparison.

There are some technicians that prefer the slower paced task of repairing door dings and minor collision damage repair. In the end, it really depends on what the individual technicians want.