Hail damage & Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

My vehicle has hail damage, now what?

If you’ve never filed an auto hail damage claim before and are wondering how it works, this is the article for you.

Top Hail Damage Claim Questions

  1. Is hail damage covered by my insurance policy?
  2. Do I find a shop to fix it?
  3. Does the insurance company just cut me a check for the damages?
  4. After a hail storm, do I call my insurance company first or a paintless dent repair shop?

Top Hail Damage Claim Answers

  1. Hail damage is covered under the “comprehensive” coverages section of your policy. If you do not have comprehensive coverage, auto hail damages might not be covered. Call your insurance company to be sure.
  2. After you report the hail damage, your claims agent might recommend a paintless dent repair shop where you can get the hail damage removed. If they do not, searching Google for a paintless dent repair near you will be your best bet. Before hiring a PDR company, make sure you check the reviews on Google Business. This is a great way to find out about other people’s past experience with the company. If you are in McKinney, TX and need paintless dent repair, we specialize in auto hail repair.
  3. In most cases, your insurance company will cut a check that is made payable to both you and the paintless dent repair shop minus the deductible. At The Hail Shop, we cover the deductible with any complete auto hail repair.
  4. If it was a HUGE storm and several cities and thousands have been affected, get your hail damage claim started now.  Paintless dent repair shops will fill up fast and the insurance adjusters will be extremely busy. Most of the larger insurance companies are bringing in extra temporary staffing to help with the overwhelming number of losses. You might be asked to take your car to an assigned location where adjusters will be set up at a drive-in claim center to inspect many vehicles.
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