Can hail damaged cars be repaired?

Auto Hail Damage? Can it be Repaired with PDR?

In most hail damage cases we see, yes – the dents left behind by hailstones can be repaired. The only caveat is the condition of the metal & paint of the panel that is damaged. If the paint is chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way – PDR can repair the dent but not 100% restored to its pre-damaged condition. Repainting will be required. If the metal has been folded or creased, the vehicle might need a panel replacement.

The benefits of paintless dent repair for auto hail damage repair is long but one of the top reasons insurance companies and car owners prefer this method is the damage is not reported on the CARFAX.

Hail Damage Repair on Car Roof

Hail damage on the roof of a vehicle is the most common location to find dents & dings after a hail storm. You can count on hail damage if the hailstones were over 1 inch in diameter. The severity depends on how long the hail fell and wind speed.

To learn more about hail damage and when hail causes damage here.

The good news is – yes, hail damage can be repaired on the roof of a vehicle. It is actually the easiest panel to reach using the paintless dent repair technique.

Hail Damage Repair on Car Doors

Hail damage can be found on car doors, especially when the hail storm is accompanied by strong gusts of wind. When hail is allowed to ride on the back of a heavy gust of wind, the impact on the panel can be hard.

But again, like the roof a vehicle, door panels are typically easy to remove and replace once the hail dents have been pushed out.

Hail Damage Repair on Trunk Lid

This repair is unique in that unlike car door panels, trunk lids have very pronounced body lines along the perimeter of the panel. We get lots of questions about hail dent repair on body lines.

Yes, they can be repaired but should only be performed by a professional PDR technician. Similarly to the car door panels, the underside or inside of the trunk lid can be dismantled to help get the technician behind the dent.

The biggest difference is what the inner panel looks like when it has been disassembled. The inner construction of a trunk lid somewhat resembles a metal maze as you can see in the photograph below.

But yes, hail damage CAN be removed from a trunk lid.

Hail Damage Repair on Front & Back Quarter Panels

The front and back panels of a vehicle are on the left and right sides of the hood and trunk. They are smaller panels but susceptible to hail damage just the same. Just like the other panels, the quarter panels can be removed but first, taillights need to be carefully removed to access a small hole underneath the panel. At this point, a technician can use one of their rods to get in through the hole and behind the panel. Sound tricky? For a skilled and talented paintless dent repair technician – no but for new tech or someone without much training – this is NOT for the beginner.

There are other tools in a PDR techs arsenal to help with this repair but again, the experience is mandatory to remove dents in quarter panels.

Can your hail damage be repaired with paintless dent repair?

The best place to start is scheduling an appointment with The Hail Shop USA. We will send one of our amazing dent specialists to your location (or you can stop by one of our locations) for a free dent repair evaluation and estimate. This process usually takes about 15 minutes.