No-Obligation, On-Site

Hail Damage Inspections

If you suspect your vehicle has hail damage, call The Hail Shop USA for a complimentary inspection at your location or any of our shop locations.
If your car, truck or SUV needs hail dent repair, bring it to any The Hail Shop USA location for a free hail damage repair estimate. All of our hail damage assessors understand the frustration that comes with hail damage and have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you throughout the entire auto hail repair process. We also know that the world doesn’t stop when your vehicle gets hail damage. Work, family, and prior obligations can make it even harder to find the time to get your vehicle in for an estimate.
Auto Hail Damage Inspections
This is NO PROBLEM with The Hail Shop USA. We can estimate your hail damage and get you scheduled for repairs at the location of your choice. We can visit you at your home or office. You can also stop in and get a quick estimate at ANY of our locations.

To find a location near you, visit our service area page.