Hail Damage Repair Cost

The Three S’s

The cost to repair auto hail damage vary’s depending on the size, severity, and section. In the paintless dent repair industry, car hail repair cost is determined by your insurance company. Number one, the size of the dent. Number two, the severity (number of dents) of the damage. Number three, the amount of dents per section (or panel.)

Dent Repair Calculator

To help car owners understand how car hail repair is calculated, we have devised a paintless dent repair calculator using the pricing formula used by most insurance companies. The hail repair cost estimator takes into account the three S’s mentioned above. The results of this calculator does not qualify as an “professional estimate” that can be submitted to your insurance company but it can give you an idea of the cost to repair auto hail damage. You can try the PDR cost calculator here.

Free Auto Hail Damage Inspections

Schedule your free inspection with the professionals at The Hail Shop. Our experienced estimators will do a 360° hail damage inspection and provide you with an official estimate that can be used by your insurance company.