Paintless Dent Repair in Aurora, IL

A Faster, Cheaper Way to Remove Dents & Dings

Paintless Dent Repair Aurora, IL

Car dents, door dings, minor collisions, and hail damage are unavoidable over the lifetime of your vehicle. Fortunately, with paintless dent repair in an Aurora, IL PDR shop, dents are easily fixed without the need to visit an auto body shop. PDR works from the inside and therefore, does not require sanding, painting, or body fillers.

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Aurora, IL Paintless Dent Repair Benefits

Cheaper & Faster

Paintless dent removal costs are typically less than your insurance deductible & shop time is minimal. Small singular dents can usually be repaired in under an hour.

100% Restoration

Paintless dent repair protects the vehicle’s value when it comes time to sell or trade. Damaged vehicles are restored back to their original condition.


Paintless Dent Repair services for dents and dings is the eco-friendliest repair in the vehicle industry. No painting or body filler and is environmentally safe.

Paintless Dent Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PDR cheaper than traditional body shop repairs?

Aurora, IL Paintless dent repair is cheaper than traditional dent repair because there is no need to use paint and fillers. Unlike traditional auto body repairs, paintless dent removal only takes a few hours to a whole day of work with the use of special tools.

How long does paintless dent repair take?

Unlike traditional repairs, paintless dent repair only takes a few hours to a whole day of work with the use of special tools. For hail damage, the process usually takes between 1-3 days.

Can PDR be used to repair all dent damage?

If there’s a need for repainting, paintless dent repair is not an option. Your vehicle will need to be repaired traditionally using paint after sanding. The Hail Shop USA can perform minor paint repairs in-house. You can send pictures of the paint damage and we can assess the damage and let you know if we can repair it. Learn More

What can paintless dent removal fix?

Paintless dent repair technicians can use PDR to repair a wide variety of damage in both aluminum and steel body panels. Hail damage, road debris damage, parking accidents, door ding accidents, fender benders and minor collision repair, bodyline damage, dents, and dings of varying sizes.

Will my dents come back after repaired with PDR?

No. Once a dent has been removed properly with PDR, it never comes back. Every repair made at The Hail Shop is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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