Pay Zero Deductible Policy & Restrictions

Unless your state law requires a shop to collect an insured’s deductible, you have no obligation to do so. After all, the contract for repair is with the consumer, not the insurer, so arrangements you make with the consumer are per your contract only. The contract for repair is between the consumer and the repairer. The insurance company that has an obligation to indemnify the consumer has no place interfering with or making demands on rights or obligations under the repair contract.

In conclusion, it is up to the repair company as to what they decide to do with the cost of the deductible.

Our “Pay Zero Deductible” is only available to customers that carry Comprehensive Insurance coverage and with a complete auto hail repair. Liability Insurance coverage is not covered by our “Pay Zero Deductible” claim.

“Pay Zero Deductible” is not available for door dings, only for complete auto hail repairs.

Free Rental Car Policy & Restrictions

If your car is damaged by hail, you’d need to have Comprehensive Coverage on your policy for your insurer to help cover the claim. Then, your rental reimbursement coverage may help cover the costs of your alternative transportation while your vehicle is in the shop to repair the hail damage.


The Hail Shop USA owns its own fleet of rental cars that are available for use while your vehicle is being repaired in our shop.  Rental cars are only available for our customers with Comprehensive Insurance coverage and ONLY reserved for our auto hail repair customers.