Auto Hail Damage Claims – Aurora, IL

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Aurora, IL FAQ Answered About The Hail Claims Process

If you suspect your vehicle has hail damage as a result of the early April 2023 hail storms, this article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from Aurora, IL vehicle owners.

How do I get the hail damage repaired on my vehicle?

There are generally 2 methods to repair dent damage to vehicles.
  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR is the preferred method for repairing auto hail damage. Specialized tools designed specifically for PDR technicians to remove dents from either the underside or top surface of the damaged area. Special rods are used on the underside of the vehicle panels to push out and smooth dents. Dent pullers are used to gently pull the dents out from the top surface. Both methods ensure the painted surface is not disturbed. In most cases, repairs may take only a few days. PDR may not be effective on large dents or extensive damage by hail.
  • Conventional vehicle repair. Conventional body repair is the preferred method for repairing dent damage that has damaged the vehicle’s paint or damage that is too large to be reversed with PDR. Working mostly on the exterior of the vehicle, dents are pulled out and irregularities filled in with a body filler While the method is most effective on deep dents, repair time is generally longer because the repaired area must be primed and repainted.

90% of hail damage can be repaired using the paintless dent repair method. If we discover paint damage, such as cracking, scratches, chips or loose paint, The Hail Shop USA can still repair the vehicle. We offer 100% auto hail repair services, including paint damage repair.

Does my car insurance policy cover hail damage?

It depends on the type of coverage you have. You’re covered for auto hail damage if you have comprehensive insurance coverage.

Minor hail damage often isn’t worth claiming because the repair costs don’t exceed the deductible. Keep in mind that hail damage can be hard to perceive with the naked eye. The Hail Shop uses special LED lighting specifically designed to identify hail damage you might not see.

Can hail damage total your car?

Yes, a very severe hail storm CAN total out a vehicle.  Depending on the size of the hailstones and wind speeds during the storm plus the grade of your vehicle’s panels, a hail storm can deem a vehicle beyond repair. Some materials, such as steel, used in car manufacturing are more durable and safe than others.

The hail damage must be severe enough before insurance companies will declare a vehicle as totaled. If you are concerned that your vehicle was totaled by the recent Aurora storms, call the professionals at The Hail Shop USA first for a thorough and comprehensive assessment first.

When an insurance adjuster estimates the hail damage, they will sometimes decide a vehicle is totaled because they don’t understand the magnitude of what PDR can repair.

Do I have to repair hail damage on my car in Aurora, IL?

If your vehicle is completely paid off and you own it outright, the choice to repair is yours. If you still carry a lien on your vehicle, you must repair the hail damage.  Any settlement will be made out to you and your lienholder.

Will I need to deal with an insurance adjuster on hail damage?

The choice is yours! You can take care of the hail claim and deal with the insurance company or you can skip the stressful parts and leave it to us. From inspecting your vehicle and writing up an estimate for your insurance company to filing your hail claim for you, we can take care of everything.

This is how it works:

  • We inspect your vehicle at the location of your choice.
  • We write the estimate and submit it to your insurance company.
  • If the assigned insurance adjuster wants to double-check our estimate, they will come to the shop to go over the claim.
  • If additional damage is discovered after we have disassembled your vehicle for repairs, we contact your adjuster to request a supplement to cover the damage.
  • Once your vehicle has been repaired, we reach out to the insurance company to close the claim.

Will a hail damage claim in Aurora, IL raise my insurance rate?

If you file a claim for auto hail damage in Illinois, the claim information will go into a database that stores previously filed insurance claims. If you have an extensive claims history, that could result in higher premiums.

Frequent hail can also affect the insurance rates for everyone in a particular area. If your area is prone to severe weather, insurance companies might set rates higher due to the likelihood of claims.

The National Weather Service does report instances of hail at its primary sites in Illinois over time. These sites include Chicago, Springfield, Rockford, Peoria, Moline, and St Louis. State Farm paid out over $3.1 billion in hail claims in 2020, according to an April 2020 analysis by the insurer.

Ultimately, Aurora, IL auto hail damage claim, or any city in Illinois, can affect your car insurance rates, whether you file a claim or not.

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