Andover, Wichita Storm Brings Tornado, Wind, Hail – Damages Cars & Homes

Andover, KS Hail Tornado

2022 has been a topsy-turvy year for severe weather occurrences. In true form, Kansas weather trends are all over the board,  something Wichita residents are accustomed to, but catastrophic weather is something never completely expected. Especially when the word ‘tornado’ hits the scene. Tornados never arrive alone.

When you think  ‘tornado’ in the midwest, you know there will be a high likelihood of torrential rain, hail, and wind gusts that like to shoot hail stones across the sky like killer bees.

This is exactly what happened in Andover, KS. Nearly 1,000 structures were hit by a destructive EF3 twister. Downed power lines and large debris blocked most major intersections, more than 13,000 people were without power in Andover and Wichita, and hundreds of homes and vehicles were battered with large hail.

“Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has even issued a State of Emergency Disaster Declaration for the state just before 9 p.m., activating the disaster response and recovery portions of the Kansas Response Plan,” writes.

Record high temperatures in the midwest continue to put residents in danger of more severe weather occurrences.

If your vehicle has sustained hail damage, call the auto hail repair specialists in Wichita, KS. The Hail Shop has extensive experience with catastrophic storm recovery services and will be offering a free valet  and pick-up/delivery services for vehicle owners in Andover, KS.

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