Weather Pattern Predictions for 2022

La Nina 2022 Hail Trends

Mood SwingsMother Natures Mood Swings

We all have bad days. Sometimes we can even have a bad week. 2021-2022 is proving to be an overall bad year for Mother Natures. From wild weather mood swings to unpredictable barometric behavior, someone needs to muster up the courage to suggest that MN take a “Netflix & Chill” approach for the rest of the year.

The 2022 Farmers Almanac Playbook

Temperature swings and lots of snow. 

We can all agree that December, January, and February could be considered “unseasonable.” This is especially true for the Texans that traded in their light jackets for snow shovels on February 3rd. South Carolina and Virginia saw rare blasts of snow and ice in late January. A Myrtle Beach fire chief warned residents that “even walking out the front door could be treacherous.” Meanwhile in the midwest, where snowy and icy conditions are quite commonplace, Missourians and Kansans are experiencing blizzard like conditions just 3 days after Valentines Day.

The Farmers Almanac managing Editor Sandi Duncan says this about March.

“And, she says don’t get fooled if March starts off relatively calm…Unfortunately, March looks very stormy. We’re actually calling for some stormy conditions in the middle of the month and the unusual thing is if you look even further ahead in April, we’re calling for possible late-season blizzard across the region. SO, winter is going to hang on.”

Oh, yay.

The official descriptive words used by The Farmers Almanac of 2022 are flip-floppy and mixed bag. We call this Mother Nature manic depression.

La Nina & Her Influence on Spring 2022 Tornado & Hail Season

La Nina 2022 Hail TrendsLa Nina has an important influence on the Spring 2022 hail season in the United States. And usually not in a good way.

In a La Nina spring season, there is a substantially higher frequency of hailstorms  in the southern and southeastern parts of the United States.

It nicely shows the main outlines of the central and eastern parts of the Tornado Alley including Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Are You Ready For Hail Season?

In the afore mentioned states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Texas) – hail season is nothing new…certainly not appreciated, but not new. If 2021 is any indication of how 2022 comes rolling in, it is a good idea to get ready.

Auto hail damage is a real thing in Hail Alley. If you are in the unfortunate situation of not being afforded the amount of time needed to prepare for a hail storm, The Hail Shop USA has got you covered.

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