Insurance company totaled my hail damaged car, now what?

Cadillac Escalade Hail Damage Repair

When your insurance concludes that your vehicle is considered “totaled” due to hail damage, you will probably have a few questions. The Hail Shop USA is an paintless dent repair company that specializes in the repair of hail damaged vehicles (auto hail repair) and questions about a “totaled” hail damaged car is very high on the inquiry scale.

In this article, we will go over some of the most FAQ about a totaled out vehicle as a result of a hail storm.

  1. My vehicle still runs, why is it considered totaled?This is a big one and we understand why. If the vehicle is still mechanically sound and drives just as it did before the hail damage, how did this happen?

    A car will be declared totaled from hail damage if the cost to repair the dents, dings, and any broken glass, plus its salvage value, is higher than the actual cash value of the vehicle.

    For example, if your vehicle has a Kelly Blue Book value of $4,500 and the paintless dent repair company has estimated that there is $4,250 worth of auto hail repair and you add that to the salvage value (let’s say $500 to make the math easy) – that totals $4,750. This vehicle would be considered totaled.


  2. Can I still keep the vehicle if my insurance adjuster said it’s totaled?

    If you decide to keep the vehicle, the insurance company will write you a check for the ACV (Actual Cash Value). Next, your auto insurance company will issue a salvage title on the vehicle, and you will be responsible for making repairs or not to make any repairs to the car if you do decide to keep it.

    If you keep the vehicle, as long as there is no loan on the vehicle, and decide NOT to repair the hail damage and the car is involved in an accident or sustains additional hail damage – you will get no additional money to repair the existing damage.  No insurance company will insure you against hail damage if the car is already damaged.

  3.  Is a vehicle with a Salvage Title insurable?If your car is declared a total loss due to hail but you wish to keep driving it, you may be able to get your insurance provider to pay you the difference between the vehicle’s value before the damage occurred and its salvage value, minus your deductible. Beware though: You may need an inspection before the car is allowed back on the road, and your title will be forever branded, making it potentially difficult to insure.  USA Today excerpt credit.

    Liability Insurance is probably going to be your best option with a Salvaged Title on a hail damaged vehicle.

If you have questions about keeping or repairing a hail damaged vehicle, call the experts at The Hail Shop USA. We have restored hundreds of hail damaged vehicles that have been deemed “totaled” by insurance companies.

You can schedule an estimate or free consultation. In many cases, you can send us pictures or video of the damage by email.