Will hail damage lower trade-in value of car?

Car Has Hail Damage, Will This Lower My Trade-In Value?

If your vehicle was caught in the early spring midwest hail storms, your car or truck might have some hail damage. We have had some clients ask if the value of their car would be compromised due to the dent & ding damage.

Short answer. Yes.

If you are trading in your vehicle for another at a car dealership, they will access the value of the vehicle minus the cost to repair the auto hail damage.

The trade-in vehicle will be valued on a 4-point scale of Poor, Fair, Good, & Excellent.

If you have a few dents or dings on an otherwise next-to-perfect condition car, your rating could go from Good to Fair when appraised. Before trading in your vehicle, you should have it professionally washed, take care of all dings and dents, as well as any interior deficiencies which can diminish resale value.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Trade-In

If you have comprehensive insurance, we suggest you get the hail damage removed before attempting to trade-in the vehicle. With The Hail Shop USA, we will cover the deductible.

At this time, you have more options. You might even want to keep the vehicle. Many auto hail damage sufferers do NOT know that ‘acts of God’ – such as a hail storm – is 100% covered by their comprehensive insurance policy, minus the deductible.