Dent & Ding Damage Repair

Dents & Dings Happen.

The Hail Shop of McKinney removes them.

The likelihood of your vehicle having or having had auto dent damage is very high. You might even have auto hail damage from one of the many storms over the years.

The Hail Shop USA is your best choice for everyday dent and ding damage repair. The technicians have over a decade of paintless dent repair experience. We specialize in auto hail damage repair but also take care of your everyday dent damage that happens while being a car owner. We’ve repaired door dings, dents from collisions, and dents caused by garage door accidents.

Complete Auto Dent & Ding Restoration

Paintless dent repair is a very specialized method of auto body repair that was designed specifically for small to medium sized dent removal. Technicians use a collection of tools that allow them to get behind the panel and gently push the dent away without disturbing the paint finish.

Because paintless dent repair is “paintless,” there must be no paint damage around or in the dented area. PDR works because metal has a molecular memory. Just like a soda can that has been dented, the damage can be reversed by simply coaxing the can back to its original shape. This is very much like PDR but on a very small scale and the metal on a vehicle is also much thicker.

We get a lot of vehicle owners that ask us if the dents will ever come back after being repaired. The answer is no. Think again about the soda can example. If you work the dent out of the can, there is no reason the dent should reappear naturally.