DIY dent repair gone wrong

DIY Auto Dent Repair

What could possibly go wrong?

Everyone loves a good DIY project. Websites like Instructables, Pinterest, and YouTube has taken DIY  to a whole new level. From building a cabinet to staining your garage floors, it seems like there really isn’t much you can’t do!

Or is there?

There are really two distinct results that can happen with a DIY project. One outcome is very good, the other usually being very bad.

So what about DIY auto dent repair? You could not believe how many monthly searches there are for DIY auto dent repair. Just a few of the more common search phrases being:

  • How to repair dent damage in car
  • Repair hail damage at home
  • How to fix dents in car yourself

Some of the scariest results for DIY auto hail repair that we have seen pop-up (and show up in our shop after failed attempts) are the following:

  • Use a plunger
  • Use dry ice
  • Use a hairdryer

DIY Auto Dent Repair Gone Wrong

What could possibly go wrong with DIY auto dent repair? Well, many things.

PDR Overpulling
PDR Overpulling – PDR Gone Wrong


The biggest problem we see in our paintless dent repair shop is over-pulling. Over-pulling can result in a dent that has basically gone from concave to convex. This overcorrection usually ends up being an auto body shop repair. When the metal is overextended, paint loosens and the metal goes beyond it’s “metal memory.”

Cracked Paint

What makes paintless dent repair not an option? Cracked or damaged paint. Paintless dent repair has become the norm for auto dent repair. Insurance companies love it and so do vehicle owners. It is not only affordable, it is usually a fairly quick repair. If you take the DIY auto dent repair route and the paint gets chipped, scratched, peeled, or cracked – the dent repair is no longer a paintless dent repair option.

Pain & Suffering

Realizing you have caused more damage to your vehicle is never a good feeling. What seemed like a great way to save a little money and shop repair times, you now have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Leave Auto Dent Repair to the Professionals

Put down the hairdryer and pick-up the phone and call the paintless dent repair professionals at The Hail Shop USA. We start the dent repair process with a no-cost estimate. Dent repair inspections usually only take about 15 minutes.

You can call us at 800-485-9026 schedule online.