McKinney Paintless Dent Repair 2018 Weather Predictions

McKinney Hail Storm Predictions for 2018

McKinney Paintless Dent Repair Predictions
Texas Hail Storm – 2017

As a McKinney paintless dent repair shop, we like to keep our eyes on the sky. Predicting weather trends can be tricky but based on the number of hailstorms North Texas has seen in the last few years, we feel confident that the hail trend isn’t stopping anytime soon.

For instance, last year was the costliest year for hail storms on record. Hail was to blame for approximately $600 million in personal property losses in Fort Worth and Arlington, Insurance Journal reported.

The Hail Shop USA of McKinney, TX likes to be ahead of the storm and always prepared for hail because when Texas gets hit, it gets hit big.

Afterall, if you live in Texas, “Go big or go home.” This goes for the weather, too.

The Old Farmers Almanac

2018 McKinney Weather Predictions

One of the weather resources we use for predicting future storms is The Old Farmers Almanac.

Winter Predictions: Winter will be colder than average, with above-average precipitation. The coldest months for 2018 will be from late December into early February with above average snow.

Spring Predictions: April and May will be cooler and rainier than normal. In order to produce hail, there must be high levels of moisture content and a large portion of the cloud layer must be at freezing temperatures. With this knowledge, we predict significant hail occurrences in Northern Texas starting early April and ending mid-June.

Summer Predictions: Summer will be cooler and rainier than normal, with the hottest periods in mid-July and mid-August and a hurricane threat in late August.

Fall Predictions: September and October will be warmer and rainier than normal. Watch for a tropical storm threat in early September. We don’t predict any significant hail storms for the fall but with the warmer temperatures and increased moisture levels, never say never.