Golf-Ball Size Hail Causes Major Auto Hail Damage in Fort Worth, TX

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Damaging Winds + 1.75″ Diameter Hail = Thousand of Dollars in Insurance Claims

What can hail the size of Golf Balls do to a vehicle?

Golf Ball Sized Hail Severe damage. Golf ball sized hail leaves behind more than a few dents and dings. Golf ball sized hail breaks windows, sunroofs, and headlights. When you add damaging 60 MPH winds into the mix, you get a recipe for disaster.

Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding cities woke up to hail covering the ground early Tuesday morning in late April 2020. They also found that their vehicles were covered in dents and more.

Can hail damage be fixed on a car?

Most of the time, yes. There are a few caveats though. The main one being paint damage. Paintless dent repair is obviously “paintless.” This means that PDR techs do not use paint to repair hail damage. Instead, they use a series of tools and gadgets to lift the dents from the underside of the damaged panel. If the paint is damaged, the dents can be removed but there will still be damage. Paint damage isn’t something we typically see on a car after a hail storm.

This also goes for the golf ball sized hail that damaged cars in Fort Worth in late April.

Golf Ball Sized Hail Damage on Car HoodWhat do I do if hail has damaged my car?

If the damage is obvious, contact your insurance company. You can find a list of phone numbers and filing options here. We have put together a guide for filing auto hail damage insurance claims here. Within the guide, you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions about hail damage claims and the filing process.

If you suspect you have hail damage but aren’t quite ready to file a claim, call us at 866-943-2141. We can inspect your vehicle for hail damage and provide you with guidance for free. Hail damage can be hard to detect by for multiple reasons. The Hail Shop has a team of highly-trained and experienced inspectors that can come inspect your vehicle and provide you with an estimate.

How much does paintless dent repair cost to repair auto hail damage?

If you carry comprehensive insurance on your vehicle(s), the cost repair hail damage on a car is covered under your policy. Your only financial obligation is the deductible. The Hail Shop is a privately owned company and has the option to waive the cost of your deductible. You can read more about our “Deductible Assistance” program here.

You can learn more about our auto hail repair service here.

The Hail Shop has been fixing car hail damage for nearly a decade. We are knowledgable, fast, affordable, and professional. To schedule your free inspection in Fort Worth, call us today at 866-943-2141. We can either come to your location or you can stop by our shop located at 745 W Hurst Blvd., Hurst TX 76053.